Do you work from home and wish you had more time on the weekends? I’m guessing we all do. So, here is one hack I use every week to keep my weekend more open.

Do your laundry during the day when working from home.

I know there are a lot of blogs that stress focusing exclusively on work when working remotely. I understand keeping focused and don’t really like multi-tasking. I’m also not suggesting you steal time away from doing your work.

It’s actually about leveraging the time independence that comes with location independence. There is an opportunity you have when you’re working from home. Doing the laundry is one of those chores that doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time doing things. Most of the time spent doing laundry consists of waiting for the machines to handle the real work. It’s not something that is very disruptive from a multi-tasking perspective. Short breaks and getting up is actually beneficial and doing laundry shouldn’t be very hard mentally.

Here is what I suggest.

free up weekend hours while working remote

Before you start your workday (I normally do it on Friday’s), take 10 minutes to sort the laundry and start a load. Then get to work. I suggest you start with sheets, towels, and other things that aren’t important to keep wrinkle free. The reason is simple. They will sit in the hamper once they are dry for a little while. Then, an hour or so into your workday, you can take a few minutes to put that first load in the dryer and start a second one. Once the sheets are dry you just put them aside, while the second load goes in the dryer.

By the time lunch rolls around the second load is likely dry and you can put those clothes away and make the bed. A couple of 5 minute breaks, a little work during lunch and half the laundry is done.

By the end of lunch, start a third load, which goes into the dryer during another short break in the afternoon. Try to time it so that it’s ready to be put away when you finish work.

Now you’ve been even more productive, because you outsourced and delegated to the machines while you were working.

When the weekend starts, you’ve eliminated a chore which mostly requires waiting and brief periods of effort. Instead, you can leave the house and enjoy even more time independence.

This little trick opens up my weekend completely. It’s also one of the things you can take advantage of even if you only get one day of telecommuting per week.

I’d love to hear if this works for you, so please leave me a comment.

I love not going to the office.